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Be Attentive

Think about this: Before computers and cell phones were invented, most people lived in their own country or even a small village without receiving too much information, and they lived normally. But since the industrial revolution, the means of communication and information sharing have involved so much, that on the one hand, people are so happy about getting information and switching from one topic to another so easily, while on the other hand, they become more and more inattentive, which has dramatically influenced the way their brains work.

The reason I am telling about this is that I found myself more and more inattentive after having my computer and cell phone. I used to believe getting new information is a good way to be happy, but reversely it affected my brain so much that I developed serious anxiety and I am painful. When I reviewed my historical backup files, a lot of memories poped into my mind, surprising me that those are the stuff I had been working on but no longer take notice of. I gradually realize that I cannot always change my attention to discover new topics(system theory, web development, psychoactive drug, etc.), but focus on the things I am currently doing and pick up the things I've lost.

No man's brain is unlimited. We should use our brains wisely. I must change my habit, or my brain will be overloaded more seriously.